And so life goes…

I spent today recovering from the most awful toothache and am consequently grumpy and unreasonable. Toothaches are the worst things…I’d rather have the stomach flu. My three year old son tried his best to make me feel better. He kept hauling his favorite stuffed animals into bed with me! I am at the moment surrounded by a giant curious George, buzz lightyear, several unnamed critters, and a headless barbie doll (leftover from my daughters stash)! I am going to take a stiff shot of vodka…for it’s antiseptic properties, of course…and pass out! Goodnight, world!


Helllllooooo Nurse!

Well I graduated in December of 2009 and started working at a hospital. As you can see, getting acclimated to real-life nursing took a little time and I am just now, almost a year later at the point where my free time is once again free! It has been a full year…with many ups and just as many downs…as I found my footing as a registered nurse. There have been days when I truly thought I had made a mistake in choosing this profession. Then there were times that I was elated with my work. All in all I love being a nurse!