Coffee Cram Number 2

Sitting at the 61C again on an absolutely gorgeous Sunday where the snow is noisily melting outside and the sun is blindingly glancing off the few remaining icicles decorating the Murray Avenue awnings. I have my second exam on Monday and I should be reviewing renal and thyroid function right now. George is at home with Sage and he called to tell me he was going to pack the baby in the backpack carrier and take him out for a walk. Sounds divine!

George was away at the cottage this weekend with his friends (all guy weekend trip) and just came back this morning. I’m glad he had a few days to decompress…boy could I use some! I miss him when he’s gone–the bed seems much too big, even though when he’s home I complain about how he sprawls and hogs the covers.

Back to the dreadful thyrotoxicosis and tubular necrosis flashcards! If I don’t post by Monday night, you may all assume that I had to retire from nursing school in disgrace, after recieving the lowest grade in history!

Wish me luck!


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