What I learned at clinical…so far

I found out CBR stands for complete bed rest AFTER I had gotten the patient up in a chair, and she had sat up for at least fifteen or twenty minutes!

Limit your fluid intake before a test. I thought I was doing a really good thing by drinking  ginseng vitamin water before a test (certainly couldn’t hurt, right?!?) Yeah…I almost blew up and I **finally** told the teacher that I had to go RIGHT NOW, and when she knew I wasn’t kidding, she let me go.

I haven’t had vitamin water since, and I stop all fluids 2 hours prior.

Mind your own business, give it 110% and always stay on top of things- Do NOT fall behind!!

I learned that I actually do learn something from all the careplans I have to do.

Bedpans do have a front and back for a reason.

Always close the Foley bag up again after you empty it.

If your clinical instructor looks like the Tasmanian She-Devil, it could be because she is. You can run, but you can’t hide.

There is only 3 things you should run for in a hospital
Cardiac Arrest
Severe Haemorrhage
Your pay.

I learned the hard way that bathing a patient is a great way to relieve constipation!! But they can only go AFTER the clean sheets are on!

When you are taking a patient that has chronic diarrhea down to x-ray for a test…………………………….Put a pad on the wheelchair.
When you are pulling out an I.V…………………………Shut it off first.


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