Wee Sma’s

The house is so quiet for the first time all weekend that I just caught myself holding my breath. It’s funny how we get used to the hum of the city if we’ve been there for a while. Now that I’m concentrating on it, I’m aware of the refrigerator, laptop, heater, and all those small electrical appliances, including light bulbs, that emit that high, almost sonic noise that noone else will ever admit to hearing. The street light outside the living room window sort of ticks as it flickers and I hear some kind of airborne machine whirring past. Sounds all sci fi “n’at” doesn’t it! Two years ago, my husband and I went camping for a week in the national forest, far off the beaten track. When we came out of the woods it was like sensory overload. Everything made so much noise! It took a little getting used to. I wonder what would happen if you pulled a person from the middle ages somehow and dropped them in the city. Would they go completely mad? I rather think they might.


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