Random Mind Droppings

When I started nursing school, I looked at the various student organizations available. There are christian student nurses, latino student nurses, all sorts of different categories but no pagan student nurses to be found. Not that I go running about on my clinical unit bellowing “pagan here!” but it’s always nice to have a professional peer group where you have more in common than just your career. Also, paganism in the nursing context has the same applications as do other flavors of belief and it would be nice to have other pagan nurses to exchange troubles and triumphs with. I saw nurses who occasionally appeared on pagan sites, and several pagan nurse groups. I surfed long and hard with no success-which was frustrating-so I decided to create this blog as a surfer-relief zone for those poor nursing students who are also searching for pagan nursing students, tired nursing students, literate nursing students…you get the picture!


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