Pet Peeves

I am extremely happy to report that I got an A on my first 202 exam! Barely an A..92% but who’s counting! I think I may be a little punch drunk from the late hours I put in yesterday but it is such a comfortable feeling to know that I now have a small buffer zone grade-wise….you know….for that inevitable, truly awful, Murphy’s Law kind of week where the most studying you manage is during lecture!

I called this post pet peeves because there was the normal contingent of students who, after the exam were feeling cheated because the test was “worded poorly” or “there was more than one best answer”. Listen, there are times when I completely tank an exam; but I always know if I didn’t study or totally misunderstood a concept. We all get the same questions on our tests and when we all get the same question wrong for the same reason, it gets pulled from the score. People blow tests for a lot of reasons, and sometimes wording IS wrong which makes understanding what is being asked unclear. However, if you didn’t bust your butt…own it instead of putting it off on wording or teaching methods…etc. Just make a mental chalk mark next to the “I promise to study next time” box in your head and move on!


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